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About Fitness & Wellness Works

Fitness & Wellness Works is a leader in granting access to creative, user-friendly, productive Wellness Programs for our valued clients. Wellness Programs are now viewed by many customers, producers and consumers as a viable tool to help curb rising health care costs and enhance employee performance. Through wellness education, information tools and support, these programs can help people adopt healthy habits, make healthier lifestyle choices, and consume health care services efficiently and effectively.

As a leader, Fitness & Wellness Works is committed to providing superior service and care to our customers and their members. We have developed innovative programs that offer participants the assistance they need while helping to control benefit costs for our clients.

Our comprehensive program provides solutions that help people find balance in diet and exercise and general health, as well as the information and resources they need to more effectively manage their work and personal lives. In turn, these services help employers create a more supportive environment and address strategic issues such as workplace productivity, recruitment, retention, and employee commitment.

Why Choose Fitness & Wellness Works?

Fitness & Wellness Works earns its reputation for delivering excellent results for our clients through our diligent and accountable standards. Our fundamental approach to our clients is based on a simple premise: Healthy workers make productive employees.

Fitness & Wellness Works often recommends custom Wellness Programs designed specifically for each client; incorporating comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs and Life Events Programs to name a few. We believe this combination of services will assist in resolving and preventing productivity and morale problems caused by employees' personal concerns. We are dedicated to supporting the human resource and management staff, and promote wellness in your organization while being viewed as a valuable added benefit.